Do you remember the 20 questions game of What am I?
At a party recently we had a blast playing the Headbandz game.  A few days later, I was excited to go purchase the game however I could not stop brainstorming other ways the game could be used. I decided my family needed to make it’s own version.
When planning the game,
I thought it would be great for the kids to create categories of interest. We took blank cards and put various stickers from each category.  If was fun and simple to make our own version using blank cards and stickers.  It makes a fun dinner time game and travel game.


Here’s the list of categories we came up. Involving the kids in the creativity was just as much fun as playing!  
Food Theme
Animal Theme


Who Was I?
Historical Figures Sports Stars
Who Am I?
Characters from a book or series
Sports heroes
Disney Characters
American Girl Dolls
Cartoon Characters
Star Wars
What Am I?
Animals (Zoo, Farm, Pets, Rainforest, Ocean)
Where Am I?
Local attractions & places
College (around the campus)
What Am I doing?
Variety of actions (sports, hobbies, activities)
In addition to endless laughing, there are great educational benefits including: deductive reasoning skills, recall, perseverance, curiosity, critical thinking, visualization, logic, strategy, making connections, analyzes and evaluation.  By playing with the kids, parents have the opportunity to model these skills.

Supplies needed:

  • Blank Cards  or cut heavy card stock into squares or rectangles or use flashcards
  • Variety of stickers or print images or cut out pictures from old magazines and glue or laminate
  • Headbands: We used goodies headbands from Target for about $3.50 for a pack of 6.  They have sets of variety of colors or all black.


  • Adapt for the age such as breaking into smaller categories ex. Zoo animals, fruits
  • Give sample questions sheets can be downloaded at ….
  • Use a timer
  • Encourage them to continue asking questions rather than randomly guessing
  • Help them summarize the information they have already found as they go along if they need help
  • Can be used as a party game
  • Make a game set for a gift
  • Make cards to help your child study for a test or used in the classroom history (historical figures), social studies (places) science (rocks and mineral, space, earth science, life science….), literature (book characters)
Beach Theme
Disney & Sesame Street Theme

Places to Play:

Dinner table
Family Game night
Car Rides
I hope you are inspired to make a Think Who, What, Where Game for your family or classroom.
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Be Creative, Be Inspired and most importantly…Have Fun!

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