Journal your way to success!

There’s no better way to understanding your achievements and to help you set new goals than to take some time to reflect and record your observations. Articulating successes, challenges, and learnings helps you celebrate your achievements, motivates you to continue those successes or overcome those obstacles, and helps you to plan ahead and identify future ambitions.

They are Growth Mindset focused!

The Weekly Exit Slips Guided Journal


The Weekly Reflection Exit Slips guided journal is a series of prompts and questions to help kids reflect on their personal growth and identify new goals. Product includes 13 different reflection sheets. Each weekly sheet focuses on the following areas: highlights of the week, learning & exploring, and the upcoming week. To complement the reflection and motivational aspects other social and emotional topics are included such as gratitude, curiosity, doodles, acts of kindness and other thinking prompts. This would be great for the classroom, homeschool and for any parent who wants to supplement their child’s development and Thinking IQ.

How to use Weekly Exit Slips:

They are a great reflection activity for Fridays or to complete during the week. You can send your students home with for the weekend to share with their parents as a way to discuss their growth and learning process. You can also send them home for the students to work on during the weekend.

Homeschool families also enjoy them as a way for students at various grade levels to have the same activity.

It is fun for students to keep them in a binder all year and look at their progress and growth at the end of the school year.

Where to Purchase

The Weekly Exit Slips can be purchased from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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