Yes, winter can be fun…with an upside down snowman!


To spark creativity sometimes you just need to look at something from a different perspective.  My kids have built dozens of snowmen over the last several winters and each one was different, creative and fun but all had the basic style of a storybook snowman.  Earlier this season, I saw a picture of an upside down snowman on Pinterest and showed it to the kids.  They immediately decided we should build one this winter.
Last weekend in the mountains the kids decided to build an upside down snowman.  It was fun to watch how they processed building something that is so standard in shape and structure in a different or reverse way.  Building a snowman encourages teamwork and creativity and flipping it upside down also challenges their visualization skills.
It doesn’t matter where your inspiration comes from whether it’s books, music, pictures or just being inquisitive.  In this case, a simple picture captured the energy and excitement of my children and their desire to do something different.  Building an upside down snowman challenges their normal thinking, teaches kids to ask questions and consider a wider realm of possibilities.

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Have a fun and creative winter!


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