Make Giving Thanks a Game!

There are several fun ways to make your family dinner conversations even more meaningful, more fun and more interactive during this month of Gratitude and Giving Thanks. Conversation Starters, Gratitude Prompts, or a Game of Gratitude are all good ways to mix in the fun over the next few weeks.


The Gratitude Game

The Gratitude Game includes over 70 different prompts encouraging children to focus on everything they are grateful for in their lives. Simply cut out the cards and place them in a jar or around the table. Then everyone can take turns choosing a card and sharing the first thing they think of that they are grateful for related to that prompt.

Thanksgiving Conversation Starters & Writing Prompts

Thanksgiving Conversation Starters are an easy way to get even the shyest kids (or adults) to open up! By asking fun, open-ended questions your whole family can enjoy real quality time and conversation while reflecting on what’s most important in your lives. Science says that gratitude increases positive emotions and personal connections which in turn increases our energy, enthusiasm, and our ability to learn, be creative and solve problems.


  • Ask a couple questions each night throughout the month.
  • Place a card at each seat for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • After reflecting on what you’re thankful for today, use our Life List activity to determine what activities you want to do in the future that would make you even more thankful and gracious.

Gratitude Leaves

Gratitude Leaves is a fun writing activity encouraging children to focus on everything they are grateful for and provides a simple way for them to reflect and articulate kindness and appreciation. It makes a great FREE gift for helping to celebrate Thanksgiving.

You can download the Gratitude Game, FREE Gratitude Leaves, and the Thanksgiving Conversation Starters and Writing Prompts at our Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you. – Eileen Caddy

You might also enjoy our Gratitude-themed Journal Prompts and Thanksgiving Think Book which can be purchased from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Visit our shop and you will also find a wide variety of games and activities that promote gratitude, optimism, reflection and curiosity – all the wonderful things kids need to learn what motivates them, how to empathize with others, and reach their potential.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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