Teacher Appreciation Kindness Cards make a great gift from students. They are designed to remind teachers they are valued and appreciated. The collection of cards include positive messages, inspiration, gratitude, compliments, and quotes.

 120 different card designs with the themes of affirmations, compliments and inspirational messages.
• 20 mini-note cards with prompts for students to write their own messages.

The Teacher Appreciation Kindness Cards may be purchased at our Teachers Pay Teachers or Etsy store.

All About the Teacher Book From the Students Perspective


How to Make it:

I complied a list of questions to ask students about their teacher and emailed them to all the parents.  The parents then interviewed their child and sent me the answers.  I compiled the quotes and comments into a scrapbook to present to the teacher during teacher appreciation week.  The pages were decorated with the kiddos doodles and drawings.  Kid’s perspectives are always fun and creative making the teacher smile and know how special they are to their students.

Sample questions:

  • What is the silliest or funniest thing Mrs. Smith has said this year?  Done this year?
  • What is your favorite memory of Mrs. Smith’s class?
How would you describe Mrs. Smith? or What one word would you use to describe Mrs. Smith?
  • Why do you think Mrs. Smith became a teacher?  or Why do you think Mrs. Smith is a teacher?
  • What is the kindest thing Mrs. Smith has said or done for you this year?
  • What is your favorite Mrs. Smith saying?  (Ex. does your child repeat or quote Mrs. Smith at home)
  • What do you think Mrs. Smith does all summer?  or on weekends?
  • What character trait would you use to describe Mrs. Smith?
  • What makes Mrs. Smith a great teacher?
  • What is your favorite part of the day in Mrs. Smith’s class?
  • Where would you send Mrs. Smith on a vacation? or Where do you think Mrs. Smith would like to go on vacation?
  • What movie or TV character does Mrs.Smith remind you of?
What is your favorite thing Mrs. Smith has taught you this year?
  • Favorite activity/project/field trip?
  • What do you think Mrs. Smith was like when she was in kindergarten?
  • What do you think is the easiest part of Mrs. Smith’s job?
  • What do you think is the hardest part of Mrs. Smith’s job?
  • What color reminds you of Mrs. Smith?
  • What animal reminds you of Mrs. Smith?
  • Story/Parent comments:  a quick fun note or story your child has come home one day and told you or a short thank you.


Page Titles for the book:

  • Silliest or Funniest Thing Mrs. Smith Did This Year
  • Who is Mrs. Smith
  • Kindness
  • Favorite Memory of the School Year
  • Why Did Mrs. Smith become a Teacher
  • Mrs. Smith always Says
  • Mrs. Smith’s Summers and Weekends
  • Mrs. Smith’s a Great Teacher Because
  • Favorite Part of the School Day
  • Mrs. Smith’s Vacation Destinations
  • Mrs. Smith Reminds Me of…
  • Mrs. Smith’s Colors
  • Mrs. Smith in “Kindergarten”
  • Easiest Part of Mrs. Smith’s Job
  • Hardest Part of Mrs. Smith’s Job
  • If Mrs. Smith Were an Animal
  • Words of Appreciation

Handprint Class Garden

We took a large canvas, painted the background and had each student create a handprint flower.  This makes a great decoration and keepsake for their classroom.

Teacher Alphabet Poem

I complied this from several examples of teacher alphabets I found online and added some of my own ideas.  (Unfortunately, I no longer have the original resources).  I added a student’s drawing to the bottom to decorate.  To present the poem, each child in the class read a line of the Alphabet poem to the teacher.
A is for being Amazing B is for going Beyond expectations
C is for being Creative and Caring
D is for your Dedication
E is for being Extraordinary
F is for supporting our Future
G is for your Generosity
H is for Helping & Hugs
I is for your Imagination
J is for the Joy you bring
K is for the Kindness you show
L is for always Listening
M is for the Memories you create
N is for Never being too busy to help
O is for Outstanding
P is for always being Positive
Q is for the Quintessential way you teach
R is for Respect
S is for sharing your knowledge
T is for Terrific Teaching
U is for being Unique
V is for the Vitality you bring each day
W is for being truly Wonderful
X is for being eXtraspecial
Y is just for You
But Z is not for Zoo
It’s for the wonderful job you do!
We truly love you!

4) Surprise Garden

One of my favorite class teacher gifts is a surprise garden.

How to Make a surprise garden:


Have each student provide a few bulbs of any type that are good for the current planting season.  Take all the bulbs from all the students, mix them up and put them all in a pretty pot.  When the teacher plants all the bulbs she/he will have to wait to see what types of flowers will grow in the garden, creating a surprise garden.
Hope these ideas help inspire you to show teachers how special they are in our children’s lives and how much we appreciate the impact they have.

More Kindness Resources

Visit our Kindness Page to learn about reasons and ways to be kind. We have some great activities for students so they can practice Intentional Acts of Kindness!

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