Sometimes I feel guilty about how much time I spend on Pinterest but then I quickly think of all the great benefits personally, professionally and for my kids.


Here are a few ways my kids have benefited from my time on Pinterest.

Art Ideas

Pinterest provides great resources and ideas for teaching your kids various types and styles of art.

Homework Support

To organize all the great teacher suggestions and material I can use to help my kids with homework and enrich their education at home.



As a school counselor and parent, it is a passion for me to be involved and up to date on topics related to education.

Boards: Growth Minded Classrooms and Academic coaching


School Project Ideas

Pinterest is full of ideas for book reports, projects including science, art and endless ideas of things kids can make.

Consumer Awareness Projects & Business Ideas.

For school, my kids had consumer awareness projects where they had to make something to sell at school.  Once they came up with a general idea of what they wanted to make to sell, I searched and pinned a large variety of ideas for them to look at for inspiration.  One of my kids choose to make something out of Duct Tape and one wanted to start a photo booth business.  They also enjoyed setting up their own Lemonade Stand last summer.Boards: Duct Tape CreationsLemonade Stands and Photo Booth Ideas



Crafts & Building

My kids have built some fun and creative things such as a bike, bike rack and sprinkler out of PVC pipes all inspired from my findings on Pinterest.  They see the idea and then build their version of it or it sparks a totally different idea such as the bike.  There are endless ideas for making jewelry and other crafts. Board: Art


Sports & Passions

My kids are passionate about 2 things: Soccer and Rocks!   We find images of all their favorite soccer players and unique rocks they might want to add to their collections someday.

Boards: Youth Sports 

Gift Ideas

I find gift ideas for my kids as well as things they can make for gifts for family, friends and teachers. Boards: Art



Great reviews of apps and resources for kids both fun and educational.  There are so many great articles on top games and apps which saves me research time.

Board:  Technology



I have a frame on my fridge that I change every couple weeks where I post an inspirational quote, saying or holiday/seasonal subway art print.

Boards: Inspirational Words & Quotes  and Inspirational Quotes & Messages for Kids


Summer Fun & Summer Enrichment-

I have a board full of ideas for the kids for those days they say “I’m bored”.  They always find a fun new activity to try from the board. I also created a Summer Educational Enrichment Board with strategies to incorporate education into the summer break. Boards: Summer Fun

Communication & Relationship-

I am inspired by so many great posts and articles on parenting issues.  I have found great books and articles that help me be a better mom to my tween age kids. I also created a collaborative board with other great bloggers to provide resources and information for parents and educators addressing common issues with the tween (9-12) age group.Boards:  Family Connections & Communication, Parenting and  (Navigating Life with Tweens)


Holiday Traditions

I always found great holiday ideas from various parenting and Family Fun magazines but now with Pinterest…wow! the ideas are endless.  Our family has started many new holiday and seasonal  traditions.Boards: ChristmasEaster & Spring, HalloweenNew Year’s Eve4th of JulySt. Patrick’s DayValentine’s DayFall & Thanksgiving, Snow Fun and Summer Fun.


Decorating ideas

If you are trying to decorate your kids rooms check Pinterest.  When my kids were changing their rooms from little kid rooms to tween rooms I would pin ideas I found so they could tell me what they liked and did not like.  It saved tons of time going shopping and looking at numerous websites to show them items.

Board:  Kid spaces & Bunk Beds and Reading Nooks

Birthday Parties & Celebrations-

Kid’s birthday celebrations and parties on Pinterest are amazing.  Before Pinterest I would spend hours searching the web for creative ideas for my kids parties.  With Pinterest it is so much easier and you can create a board full of all the ideas instead of bookmarking and printing out everything you find.  There are ideas are for any theme and budget you could imagine. Board: Birthday Celebrations


I love showing my kids unique and amazing places we would love to travel to someday on life list/Bucket list board.  Our family travel bucket list has grown rapidly since I joined Pinterest.  Again, many of the pictures of places I see on Pinterest I would never just randomly search the web for pictures of.  The downside to this is…..Bora Bora is now on their bucket list of places to travel. Board: Travel

Daily Notes

Pinterest provides me with lots of fun lunch box notes and jokes to print out and put in the lunch boxes so they get a kind note or message at school each day.  I am pretty sure this will be the last school year I can get by with adding lunch box notes to their lunches.

Board: Lunch Box Notes

Why I love Pinterest

I love the feeling of having all my ideas and resources in one easy location.  My boards are full of beautiful and inspirational pins and I finally feel so organized.  So now when your kids or spouse give you a hard time about spending time on Pinterest just remind them of how it benefits the whole family!  Please join me on Pinterest for daily new pins benefiting your whole family.

Happy Pinning from Thinking Zing! 

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