I remember the day I found my baby teeth in a box.
If there was no Tooth Fairy, then there was no Easter Bunny, and oh no….NO SANTA! 
In one quick moment all the magic of the holidays was over.
I was about 9 years old.  From that moment the holidays changed a little especially because I was the youngest child.
Tweens are at a stage when they are trying to become independent and struggle with being big kids while they still really enjoy the joys and traditions of holidays for kids.  Now that my boys are tweens, they are begging not to get their picture taken with Santa however, they still love many of our family activities and traditions.
Here are our family traditions and activities to keep the holidays magical and emphasize family time and connections.

Holiday Traditions & Activities for Tweens and Teens


    • Advent Calendars- Filled with Dove Chocolate Snowflakes and an activity of the day.  I use Dove Chocolates because they have kind holiday messages in each wrapper.  The activities listed below are some of the advent activities.
    • Decorate Gingerbread Houses & Trees
    • Christmas Imagination Dice
    • Would You Rather Christmas Questions
    • Christmas Word Puzzles
    • Chocolate Peppermint Milkshakes
    • Christmas Chat PackQuestions
    • Christmas Light Tour
    • Winter/Christmas Who AmI/What Am I? Game
    • Tongue Twisters
    • Paint Snowman on Canvases
    • Holiday Photo Challenge
    • Snowball Games Family Night
    • Write Christmas Comic Strips
    • Christmas Movies
    • Christmas Photo Booth
    • Peppermint Hot Chocolate
    • Holiday Activity & Scavenger Hunt Packet
    • Blindfold Snowman Drawing
    • Decorate cookies
    • Make Snowman out of marshmallows


Blindfold Snowman Drawings
Snowman Painting
Paper Snowflakes


  • If they have younger siblings, recruit their help as your Santa’s helper. They might enjoy helping with the Elf on the Shelf adventures, reading Christmas stories to their siblings and organizing family festivities.
  • Host a party for their friends and play Snowball Games and other minute to win it style games.
  • If they act “too cool” for some of the holiday activities, remind them they are family traditions.  Once they start the activity they usually have a blast.

Happy Holidays from Thinking Zing!

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