Do your child’s stories tend to revisit the same topics and themes such as a best friend or favorite sport, hobby or place? Sometimes kids (and adults too) just need a little spark for the mind.
Imagination Dice are wood dice with images on each side to generate ideas and inspire creativity.  They help overcome a thinking rut by solving the “I don’t know what to write about” response we often hear from our kiddos.
Imagination Dice build on writing and communication skills while encouraging creativity, imagination, humor and silliness.

Some of the skills that are developed are:

  •          Literacy
  •          Word Associations
  •          Vocabulary
  •          Teamwork
  •          Verbal Communication (expressing your thoughts and ideas)
  •          Listening Skills
No matter what your child’s future has in store, these are practical skills he/she will need to see growth and success.
Using Imagination Dice is a fun and engaging way to enrich your child’s education at home.  When playing with them, model the expanding of ideas and using lively verbs and adjectives. All ages can work together to create amazing stories and memories your child will cherish forever.  Family activities like using Imagination Dice build confidence in expressing and sharing ideas.

Imagination Dice Ideas

Use as a Writing or Story Prompt:

-Roll one dice to get a story started
-Roll one dice at a time and keep adding to the story
-Roll all the dice at once and write a story
-Start with a theme, setting or characters, and then roll the dice to write a story
-Use with a group and tell a story with the dice.  Each person can roll a dice and add on to the story

Advanced Challenges:

-Roll the dice and write a poem
-Roll the dice and write a math word problem
-Roll one dice and make a list of everything you can think of to describe the image you rolled (Try using a Mind Map)
-Roll 2 dice and list all the differences and similarities between the 2 images you rolled (Could use a Venn Diagram)

 Other Ideas and Tips for the Imagination Dice:

  • Dinner time activity for the whole family
  • Icebreaker in a meeting
  • Classroom- Writing station or Rainy Day Recess Activity
  • Great for travel- Keep a bag of them in your car for all those times you are waiting at sports practices, doctor’s offices, and restaurants
  • Make or purchase as gifts (Teacher gifts, Hostess gifts, or Party Favors)
  • Record your family stories as a keepsake
  • Write all your stories in a journal
  • Make Imagination Dice with various themes.
  • Use stone and rocks to create Imagination Stones.  Place an image on each side of the stone.
  • Check out my Pinterest board with other great ideas and suggestions for story cubes and story stones

Category Ideas:

Holidays (Christmas, Easter & Halloween)
Animals (zoo, farm, Pets, Ocean)
Flags & Travel
Tools & Construction
Cartoons/Disney Characters

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