Valentine’s Day Games

Valentine’s Day Games

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a few fast-paced, heart-themed games!

Classroom Parties & Family Game Nights:

4 Different Minute to Win it Style Valentine’s Day Games are included along with a Tic Tac Toe printable:

  • Heart Pong
  • Stacking Hearts
  • Heart Bounce
  • Heart Stick
  • Tic Tac Toe
Just print out the FREE game cards, divide students into small groups and enjoy!

Spread More Love & Inspiration with Kindness Hearts

Spread love, kindness, inspiration, and gratitude with the Kindness Hearts. Includes 160 different positive messages to share throughout the school, home or community. Kindness Hearts may be purchased on the Teacher's Pay Teachers store or Etsy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Scary Story Dice

Scary Story Dice

Scary Story Dice PhotoWho Doesn’t love scary Halloween stories? Scary Story Dice are a great addition to your Halloween celebration.

How can I use Scary Story Dice?


They can be used in the classroom as writing prompts for group activities. Families can use them as a fun conversation starter at the dinner table or family game night.  If you are looking for a non-candy “You’ve been boo’d” gift for your neighbors they would be fun to leave on your neighbor’s porch.  They also make great Halloween party favors.  Best of all they are great for all ages.

Story Starters are great because…


Scary story dice build on writing and communication skills (more…)

Lucky Slam St. Patrick’s Day Dice Game

Lucky Slam St. Patrick’s Day Dice Game

lucky slam dice game cover

One of our favorite family games is Yamslam. When we are playing we always say, “wow that was lucky.”

This year in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day I was inspired to create a themed version called Lucky Slam

How to Make Lucky Slam St. Patricks Day Dice Game

  • Paint small wood cubes from Amazon or a craft store with white paint.
  • Put number stickers, LUCKY letter stickers on the dice. (you could write on the dice with sharpie markers)
  • Cover with Mod Podge to seal.
  • And don’t forget the Shamrock Stickers!
  • Cut out shamrocks from card stock and make 4 shamrocks for each point value.  (To save time you could use poker chips from another game)  Print directions, scoring sheet, play and have fun.

How to Play

Lucky Slam Game is a strategy game which teaches probability and math addition skills.  See how players decide what risks to take to get the best combination and shamrock value. It is fun for the whole family.

Click here to download free directions and the scoring guide.

lucky slam dice game scoring guide

More Fun St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

st. patrick's day games

Lucky Notes is a kindness activity designed to help spread kindness, inspiration, gratitude and positive messages throughout the school. The cards encourage positive classroom culture and a school culture of kindness by making all students, teachers and staff feel important and valued. Lucky Notes may be purchased on my Teachers Pay Teachers store or on Etsy.

St. Patrick's Day Conversation Starters
St. Patrick’s Day Conversation Starters for enjoying fun family dinnertime discussions about luck, catching leprechauns and more. Also available on Etsy!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Who or What Am I? Christmas & Winter Theme

Another family fun advent calendar activity in our house is Who Am I or What Am I? Headbandz style game with a Christmas and Winter theme.

The whole family has a blast while using their thinking skills such as deductive reasoning, recall, perseverance, critical thinking, visualization, and logic.

For more ideas and suggestions creating and playing Who or What Am I? check out this blog post with other themes.



Christmas & Winter Imagination Dice

Christmas & Winter Imagination Dice

This year start a new tradition by creating your own Christmas and Winter theme Imagination Dice.

One of our advent calendar activities is to use the dice to create silly holiday stories, which is great for imagination, creativity, storytelling and general family fun. My kids have already asked when we’re going to do it again because we had so much fun last year!

Imagination Dice Ideas

Use as a Writing or Story Prompt:

-Roll one dice to get a story started
-Roll one dice at a time and keep adding to the story
-Roll all the dice at once and write a story
-Start with a theme, setting or characters, and then roll the dice to write a story
-Use with a group and tell a story with the dice.  Each person can roll a dice and add on to the story

Advanced Challenges:

-Roll the dice and write a poem
-Roll the dice and write a math word problem
-Roll one dice and make a list of everything you can think of to describe the image you rolled (Try using a Mind Map)
-Roll 2 dice and list all the differences and similarities between the 2 images you rolled (Could use a Venn Diagram)

Use your imagination and have fun!

Images We Used:

Christmas Tree
Gingerbread House
North Pole
Santa Hat
Gingerbread Girl
Candy Cane
Santa Workshop
Christmas Card
Grinch’s Dog
Gingerbread Boy
Ski Trail Map
Ice Skates
Ski Pass
Snow gloves
Holiday Imagination Dice make great party favors or gifts for neighbors or friends.  They are also fun to use at family holiday gatherings with the grandparents and relatives.
Hope your family has lots of laughs, creates silly stories and starts a new holiday tradition with Holiday Imagination Dice.   Don’t forget to write down or record your stories.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Snowball Games

Snowball Games

One of our newest family Christmas traditions is an evening of Snowball Games as one of our advent calendar activities.

What Are Snowball Games?

These games are minute to win it style games which are easy to set up with only a few supplies needed and fun for the whole family.  They can be adapted to larger groups so they are great for classroom parties, family holiday celebrations or Christmas parties.
You can download a FREE copy of the Snowball Games with descriptions and the snowball game cards from our Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

Another Fun Activity is to Create a Blizzard of Kindness

The Blizzard of Kindness is a pack of Kindness Snowflake Cards designed to spread kindness, inspiration, and gratitude. Includes 60 different card designs with affirmations, compliments, and positive messages for sharing throughout the school, home or community. The Blizzard of Kindness may be purchased here at our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Who Am I?, What Am I?, Who Was I? & What Am I Doing? Game

Do you remember the 20 questions game of What am I?
At a party recently we had a blast playing the Headbandz game.  A few days later, I was excited to go purchase the game however I could not stop brainstorming other ways the game could be used. I decided my family needed to make it’s own version.
When planning the game,

Imagination Dice

Do your child’s stories tend to revisit the same topics and themes such as a best friend or favorite sport, hobby or place? Sometimes kids (and adults too) just need a little spark for the mind.
Imagination Dice are wood dice with images on each side to generate ideas and inspire creativity.  They help overcome a thinking rut by solving the “I don’t know what to write about” response we often hear from our kiddos.
Imagination Dice build on writing and communication skills while encouraging creativity, imagination, humor and silliness.

Some of the skills that are developed are:

  •          Literacy
  •          Word Associations
  •          Vocabulary
  •          Teamwork
  •          Verbal Communication (expressing your thoughts and ideas)
  •          Listening Skills
No matter what your child’s future has in store, these are practical skills he/she will need to see growth and success.
Using Imagination Dice is a fun and engaging way to enrich your child’s education at home.  When playing with them, model the expanding of ideas and using lively verbs and adjectives. All ages can work together to create amazing stories and memories your child will cherish forever.  Family activities like using Imagination Dice build confidence in expressing and sharing ideas.


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