Your child isn’t perfect!

I know it sounds crazy, right?

The fact is all kids make mistakes and bad choices sometimes.

But we want them to because that’s part of growing up and how they learn right from wrong. The critical part of learning from these events is the adult response. If a child is punished without the proper support they may feel humiliation, shame or even anger which doesn’t support effective learning for the situation.

If, on the other hand, the adult provides the child time to reflect in a non-threatening environment then the child has time and the awareness to empathize, respect the consequences, and consider alternative choices in the future.

Adults can use these learning opportunities to teach empathy, compassion, and respect; that its okay to make mistakes as long as we take something positive away from each experience; and how to apologize to others so that children learn the accountability that goes along with a high social and emotional intelligence.

How does the Behavior Reflection and Apology Letter help?

The Thinking Zing Behavior Reflection worksheet helps children recognize how their actions impact others and the Apology Letter template helps them to communicate their regrets so they may move forward in a positive way.

The Behavior Reflection worksheet and Apology Letter can be purchased from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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Reflect on your choices!


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