Thinking Zing was created to inspire individuals to be confident and kind through

self-awareness, reflection, and positive thinking.

DSC_7845 (1)I’m Wendy Baker, the lead writer, creator and spirit behind Thinking Zing. I believe everyone is unique and has the ability to create their own pathway to positivity. Anyone is able to take control of their future with a mindset of exploration and growth when combined with the resources and tools to guide them through the process of self-discovery and personal transformation. 

I am licensed as a school counselor and registered psychotherapist in Colorado. My educational and professional background includes: counseling, psychology, family communication, academic coaching and life coaching.

I currently live in Colorado with my husband, twin boys and two lively goldendoodles Izzie and Know. Most weekends I can be found in the Rocky Mountains chasing a little Zing on skis or a paddloeboard.

Products & Services:

Our products promote communication, creativity, curiosity, kindness, positive thinking and mindful exploration.

  • At school: they can be used in the classroom as enrichment for early finishers, in school counseling groups, academic support groups or after school programs.
  • At home: they can be used for conversation starters, journal and writing prompts, and spreading positivity or intentional acts of kindness.
  • In the Yoga studio: for practicing mindfulness and self-care.

Coaching: I am available to work with teens, parents and families who are seeking to develop stronger relationships and work toward their desired outcomes.

Chasing Limes on Etsy

Including the Chasing Zing line of mindfulness resources, writing prompts, and positive message cards.

Products that encourage kindness, inspiration and gratitude. Be intentional with your acts of kindness!


Teachers Pay Teachers

Counseling & classroom resources that encourage children to become confident and independent thinkers


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