I’m so excited that I started 2020 with Gabrielle Bernstein’s 21 Day Manifesting Challenge! I feel more focused, more open to new opportunities, and more confident in my mission to inspire others in embracing daily mindfulness and positive vibes!

Sometimes you need to take a deep breath, or two, or three and reflect on where you are and where you want to be. I frequently get caught up in all the daily to-do’s of product development, social media, and trying to maintain a website that I forget to practice the very mindfulness I try to instill in others.

Gabby Bernstein: Inspirational Author and Spirituality Guru

Back to the Mindful Basics:

The thing is being mindful isn’t hard. Sometimes we just get lazy or need new inspiration or life gets in the way or whatever. It’s okay to need reminders. It’s okay to need new inspiration. Be Kind to Yourself. Every little thing is going to be alright! Here’s how I’m kicking off the new year with positive vibes.

My Daily Mindfulness Routine

1) Set Daily Intentions & Say Yes to New Opportunities.

2) Be aware and recognize when I’m feeling negative thoughts or emotions. Then make a conscious tweak to my mindset so I can finish the day with positive energy.

3) At the end of the day take a few minutes to practice some calm breathing and then write down my reflections for the day so that I can start the next day with a positive, growth mindset.

Have a positive mindset all day! Start with a Chasing Zing Intention card in the morning, take a mindful midday break with a Tweak card, and end the day with a Reflection card for focusing on positivity and personal growth.

What is Zing?

Positive Change is a result of your Mindset

Embrace positivity by creating an awareness of opportunity, live in the moment by finding your Zing, and make the most of your days…and years!

Be Mindful, Live with Intention, Spread Positive Vibes!

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